write a memoir in six months

Write Your Memoir in Six Months

It is totally possible to write your memoir in six months, if you have the right mindset, tools, resources and topic for your memoir all figured out.

Starting from scratch with an idea of writing a memoir but having no idea of how to actually do it is a common theme for many people as they set out on this journey. Choosing to go it alone and feel your way through will definitely take you the long way round.

But, for those of you that value your time, effort and commitment to this, investing in the right tools, resources, and help to get you into the best mindset and direction is the best way to establish a successful route in writing your memoir in six months.



Time is of the Essence

Right? We all have jobs, commitments, and responsibilities. The key element of setting out to right your memoir in six months (or any time you choose) is to establish what you need before you begin. Imagine this, you’re packing for a camping trip, and in order for you to feel completely supported on your trip, there’s at least 3 essential items that you have to take:

1. A light/torch for those dark hours.

2. A reasonable amount of food so that you’re not constantly looking for a food supply whilst you’re supposed to be enjoying the adventure.

3. Protection from nature. This may look different to different types of campers in different regions of the world. Some may take a bear horn to warn off wild animals, others might take a mosquito net.

Leaving without the things that will make your trip run smoothly and enjoyably can really eat into your time, as well as, create a more uncomfortable experience. Time, in all its various forms, is precious. The better you prepare for any experience, the more enjoyable it will be and the more capable you will feel.

Write a Memoir in Six Months Seems Like a Lot of Effort

Does it? Let’s break this down into manageable bites. Once you know your story, its themes, how you’re going to tell it, and you’ve broken it down into chapters, you will have a blue print for just how long it will take you to write. Most of the time, the idea of a big project can appear bigger when we don’t have all the facts, and the strategy for getting it out of you and onto paper. And once you know all these elements, you can set dates for when every part of your memoir needs to be written, edited, and published.

The Tools you Need to Write Your Memoir in Six Months Are Right Here!

It’s absolutely true! If you want to write a memoir in six months (or longer), and you want the support from the best memoir coach, writing mentor and author – This course will blow your mind with its ease, its step-by-step strategy that will draw your memoir from you, and its ability to teach you how to write your memoir in six months.

There is nothing I would like more than to offer the secret to memoir writing. So I will. Right here, in The Author Programme – Be the Hero of Your Story.  

Is it really possible?

Absolutely! The Author Programme – Be the Hero of Your Story has been specifically developed for beginners and more practised writers who finally want to take the plunge and invest themselves wholeheartedly in writing their memoir in six months (or longer). You’ll work through 6 modules at your own pace. Each module will serve as a piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve completed the programme, you’ll have a firm understanding of your memoir and all its content (chapter by chapter), and an immense appreciation for the creative process.

Also, you’ll be able to taste your memoir in all its finished glory. And, if you want to learn how others have accomplished writing their memoir in under six months, see Jen’s story.

Of course, you can take the long road, but if you want to make your precious time work for you in the most effective way, and really get stuck in and tick this off your list – then investing in the right support is your next best step – and sometimes, that’s the only thing we need to know.

Respectfully your guide,