write the book you want to read

Write The Book You Want To Read

There’s a whisper amongst writers. It goes something like this: write the book you want to read. Even the most practised, successful authors of our time will say the same the thing. Toni Morrison was quoted to say, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

All the whispers amongst new writers, aspiring authors and the more confident advice given from the voices that have walked in your shoes say the same thing. Make no mistake, you haven’t misheard, and you aren’t on the receiving end of miss-shaped advice being passed along, tweaked, and re-shaped until it sounds completely different to how it began. You heard right. Write the book you want to read is one of the best pieces of advice (whispered or shouted) that you will ever come by.

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How do you discover the book you want to read most of all if it doesn’t exist?

Put simply – it’s the one you can’t find.

It’s the one your heart is calling you to. The one piece that you’re looking for that will make you feel that certain something. This book doesn’t necessarily need to have a magic spell within it’s pages that is a multi-fixer of all things. What it does need to do is bring clarity, connection and purpose to the reader.

If you’ve come across a moment in your life that has been increasingly difficult for you to move through, and you’ve reached for every self-improvement book, every how-to-book, and every glimmer of potential reading material that might offer light at the end of the tunnel – but you’ve found nothing gave you nearly half of what you needed. If you found that regardless of the lack of information available on this matter that you made it through the other side – then you have banked some serious knowledge. Knowledge that others will be reaching for that they cannot find.

But how do you know if other people are looking and it wasn’t just you?

It’s a good question, and it’s a question that will come up. You could also put it a few other ways:

Why am I so special?
If it’s not on the shelves, then it’s just me, right?
Obviously, no one else thinks it’s that important or it’s not a massive thing.

write the book you want to read

I can guarantee you that if you’ve needed something that isn’t available – other people will too. Just because it hasn’t been written yet, doesn’t mean readers are not crying out for this information in a book. Sometimes, when things aren’t available, we instantly lock down our desires to find something, and revert out thinking to ‘it’s just me’, ‘no one else experiences this’, or we tell ourselves to ‘get a grip’.

The truth of the matter is the reverse of all these things we tell ourselves.

It’s never just you.
Many, Many others are experiencing this – and the number is growing.
It’s true – you do need to get a grip. You need to get a grip of a source of information that is going to help you see light at the end of the tunnel. Because, what you are feeling, or were feeling, is genuine, and you had every right to feel the things you did.

How do Know that other will want read the book?

What you don’t need to do is convince yourself that it’s only you, and that others will not be able to relate.

If you felt it, others will feel it. We’re human. We share human experience. We share human emotion. And regardless of what you’re led to believe about the people that don’t share their stories and wear their stories on their sleeves, is that they relate more than you could possibly know.

The book you want to read will be wanted by others, in the same way you needed it.

Where do I even begin?

At the beginning. I know that finding ‘the beginning’ can be hard. But imagine you’ve just sat down with someone else who is walking in your old shoes. You can see their discomfort. You can feel their frustration. You want them to see that there’s light.

Now, think of reaching across and putting your hand on theirs.

Now, imagine the words that come to mind that you hope will make them feel better.

They could be:

“I completely get you.”

“I’ve been exactly where you are now.”

“I know exactly what you’re feeling.”

Sometimes the beginning is simply reaching out and showing up. Showing the reader that you are them. The beauty in doing this, is that your reader becomes instantly calmer. It’s not just them. It’s not all their head. Someone understands.

Being understood is one of the most calming influences you can have when in the middle of something. Being able to relate to the person offering light, and that person being able to relate to you, is a connection of purpose.

You have a purpose to write the book that you wanted to read because other people will be reaching for that same book. You can fill that gap with what you discovered. You can create information where there was only blank space. You can offer relatability, connection and light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s a lot to be said about writing the book you want to read. It’s because we’re not alone, even though we might sometimes think we are. There are others who need that book too.

You have an opportunity to write a book with purpose, wisdom and connection.

Do you see how important you and your story is now?

Respectfully your guide,