transformative writing

Transformative Writing

Transformative writing is a practice that allows you to create a space between everything that’s happened or that is currently happening. It’s a practice that should be adopted by everyone who wants to make good decisions, sound judgement calls, or learn from past experiences to create a better present and future.

Why Transformative Writing?

Because the space writing affords you becomes a space of observation and wisdom. And, when you harness the skill of observation along with the gift of wisdom – YOU become the Yoda of your situation.


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Imagine this…

In the past year you’ve overcome more than you ever thought you would experience. It could be filing for bankruptcy, a breakdown of a marriage or meaningful relationship, or it could be that you’ve survived an unexpected health issue. Each of these experiences will call for a set of strengths that will help you to make it through to the next day. Yes, just the next day. Because when we’re in the thick of something when the unknown is stretched far out ahead of us, and each day is a brand new path to walk, all you can do is promise yourself that, ‘Today, I’ll do my best to put one foot in front of the other.’

Essentially, the current moment is all any of us have. Yet, within this current moment and all the fears it creates for us, it’s easy for us to predict the outcome of our present moment on negative experiences – either of our own or of other people.

But let’s say, you’re through the worst of it. You picked yourself up each and every day. Some of those days were tougher than others. And, miraculously, some seemed lighter. Until the lighter days became more frequent and the heavy days were a memory of the past.

Now, remember for a moment, that regardless of how often we tell ourselves that ‘all we have is this moment’, a voice in our head reaches back into those most challenging of times and unearths insecurities that you thought you’d long since said goodbye to. Does this ring a bell with you?

It does with me.

We have to work hard to remind ourselves just how strong we are. We have to create a space for us to appreciate that we made good choices based on the information we had in times of diversity. And we have to record such moments so that when we’re faced with a future challenge or even just to acknowledge our personal growth story – it’s our responsibility to take control of our stories.

Now, imagine this…

Aware of the value of your experience, you say to yourself, ‘I will learn from this.’

What do you do?

  1. 1. Make a mental note of the person you were before and the person you want to be moving forward?
  2. 2. Tell people close to you that you’ll never be in the same situation again?
  3. 3. Stick a post-it note on the wall telling yourself you’re worth more and are of value?

All of these are incredibly useful tools to acknowledge in your awareness to want to keep hold of the strength and courage that helped you through this moment. However, life and the way our brain works, can often muddy the waters when new challenges arise.

We may stay strong for a while, we may even call upon our new found strength and courage and charge through this next challenge with full steam. But what happens when you’re thrown the curve ball when you least expect it? What happens when that one little comment from someone close to you triggers an insecurity or fear that you thought you’d said goodbye to?

Personal growth takes practice. Daily practice. There will always be curveballs to knock us off our path – just when we least expect them. But the one thing we can gift ourselves is the power of observation and wisdom.

Observation and Wisdom through Transformative Writing

Transformative writing is taking a moment within your life, when the world you knew began to slip out of your control, or out of the shape that you knew it to be. This is such an unsettling time for a person, that it stands to reason that when we’re able, we should be acknowledging these moments, our choices, the pattern of behaviour, the challenges, the failures and the successes.

Essentially, you can use transformative writing to track the magic of your personal growth transformation.

If you had your personal growth story written can you imagine the magic that story would hold for you in the future? Times of fear, times of insecurity, times of doubt. You would be able to lift your personal growth transformation story from your bookshelf and read back everything that you had already overcome, everything that you had already let go of, and everything that makes you, you: strong, courageous, tenacious – a survivor.

Imagine reading a story written by yourself, for your future self to look back on.

Imagine the words and actions of your younger self encouraging you in the moment with the strength, courage, tenacity and wisdom that you both share?

There is no greater friend than the one we have in ourselves. We can be our own best friend, the companion we need, the therapist to help us make sense of things, if we give ourselves the opportunity to.

Transformative writing opens the door for all of this.

You have the potential to turn your experience into a personal growth transformation that will only add to your later life personal growth, as well as helping you recognise just how amazing you were then, right now and will be in the future.

Recognising that your life is a journey of personal growth and investing in yourself to learn and grow will be the best investment you can ever make.

Your personal growth story starts right here. What will yours say?

Respectfully your guide,

Cheryl x