The Author Programme

The Author Programme

There is no better way to begin writing your book than with the tools, knowledge, techniques and guidance that The Author Programme provides you with.

  • You will have access to workbooks, fact sheets, work sheets and writing opportunities to put what you’ve learnt into practice.
  • You will be guided to discover your writing voice.
  • You will discover the right narrative for the telling of your story.
  • You will engage in successful character development and story arcs.
  • You will learn how to manage this project from beginning to end with tangible dates that you can work to in completing that all important first draft.
  • You will identify your audience and learn how to connect with them in a wholehearted way.
  • You will learn how to hook a reader and how to keep them reading.
  • You will discover the best route for publishing your book.

As the author of your story you will unearth so much more than listed above because this is a journey of self-discovery as much as anything else. A book will not be the only product of success when you reach your goal. You will have achieved what so many set out to do and fail. The accolade of author will be yours to own.

If you begin your writing journey with the right tools, guidance and support to nurture you as a writer and develop your story into the book you’ve dreamt of, there will be no stopping you. You will have no writer’s block, no dead ends, no not knowing where to go next. The Author Programme is your road map in planning, structure, development, technique and a guide to publishing. With this programme the only destination is success, and this can take many shapes on a personal level, so that the idea of success sits comfortably with you.

You are in the driving seat steering your way in the direction you want to take. You stay in control. And you have the best partner you could ask for on this journey with the guidance, support and knowledge of The Author Programme developed and shaped just for you.

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