the importance of community

The Importance of Community

If you thought that writing a book was an isolating experience you’d be wrong because writing a book should be loaded with purpose, and at the heart of that purpose should be your community.

The importance of your community can be drilled down further. Those that reside within that community will have a need or desire that your book can satisfy. Imagine your community was tired of never having money, tired of always looking at their bank balance and seeing those dreaded numbers in red, or just plain bored of the lack of choices they have through lack of money. Now imagine your book is serving a purpose to these people within this community by giving a reflective account of how you created a life full of riches just from thinking different thoughts?

Sounds simple enough, right? 

Now, can you imagine knowing the moments in your life when you also shared these thoughts, and the precise moment when you decided that you wanted to make a change; that you were bored with always being broke and were determined to create financial freedom for yourself… and choices galore. This would be the shift taking place from the old version of you into the new, evolved, expanded version of you.

And here you are today, fully aware of the success that you’ve been gifted. You’ve moved from scarcity and into financial freedom. And the secret to unlocking this was so simple that you just have to share it with everyone who is also ready to take the step and make new choices for themselves.

From this example you can clearly see a need within the community and a resolution from the book. This book has the power to change lives for the better. This book has the power to create change and well-being. This book has the ability of impacting a community and altering that community from one of poverty and scarcity, stress,  and perhaps boredom, and transforming the community and all that reside within it into a flourishing community of financial freedom.


This book changes stress into serenity.
This book changes scarcity into abundance.
This book changes poverty into wealth.
This book changes ignorance into awareness.
This book changes how people think about money and their relationship toward money.

The strategy for change all begins with a simple thought – imagine being able to bring the simplicity of this change to a community that you were once a part of. You’ve walked in their shoes. You’ve felt their lack. You’ve been them in your choices, your mindset and your acceptance. Until you decided you didn’t want it anymore.

Writing a book with a purpose starts with who that purpose is for – which is why i’m highlighting the real value a book can have and the importance of community for your book’s purpose.

If you align your book’s purpose with a community need, you will find writing this book a breeze, you will find selling this book easier than selling water in a desert, and you will feel the value, the worthiness and the book’s message create a ripple of change, and impact that community with wholeheartedness and a real desire to share the simple step, through the trigger which ignited such a magnificent transformation within you.

The importance of community should never be overlooked when you’re writing a book – because your book’s message will sit at the heart of their dreams, desires, struggles, fears. Knowing how your book can help a person transform their lives, in whatever function that sits with, is the most empowering fuel you could ever have to get this book written, and sold.

Respectfully your guide,


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