The Author Programme – Be the Hero of Your Story

Discover the secrets to memoir writing!  Unlock your memoir through the brilliant methodology of The Author Programme. If you’ve been stalling at every turn – then you’ve come to the right place.

This is no mystery tour. This programme has been developed especially for you, through working closely with people that had the same desire but couldn’t quite get it right, understand where to begin, choose what to include, find the time or the support. Because I’ve worked closely with writers who knew they could do this, if only they knew all the answers, I was able to develop The Author Programme for memoir writers that would show them what they needed to do so the memoir within their minds would come pouring onto the page. All I can say to convince you is that this programme works. You will walk away from this experience with a clear understanding of what you need to do, where you need to begin, how it needs to be told, the time you need to complete your first draft and instil confidence in the value and worth that your memoir has. You will possess reason and purpose which is exactly what every author needs to write their story. And if you’re really committed and inspired and those words begin to pour out of you, you may also have your first draft before you finish the programme. It’s up to you in how you choose to work through the programme. You may put it to one side when a light bulb moment occurs and write until there’s no words left, or you might take it all in your stride, learning and discovering the secrets to your amazing memoir through each of the 6 modules – regardless of how you progress through – you will undoubtedly possess the knowledge and understanding of what you need to do to write your memoir. Students of this programme all work differently. Some will go it alone and take there time. Some prefer to allow their inspirations to take hold and write throughout the process, adding pieces to their memoir as they go. Others will not begin their memoir until module 6, whilst some have finished their first draft before finishing module 5. The programme is for all levels of ability, across all levels of education. Inclusivity is the number one goal of this programme because no story, no life, should be made to feel unworthy. And, if like me, you’re tired of the computer age and want your course content in your hand, then you’ll be pleased to hear that each of our programme content is printed, bound and delivered to your door. The only aspect left to consider is if you want to go it alone and self-study, or whether you want to add email support or one to one coaching calls. Yet, that’s not the best bit, these choices all reside with you. If you decide you want extra support, just let us know or purchase online, and regardless of when you registered for the programme, support will be given. It’s my aim to be of service, to help you on this journey of memoir discovery, so that the journey becomes clearer by the day and writing it becomes easier and purposeful. To save yourself time, frustration, and any more excuses why you can’t write a memoir, why not give yourself another reason why you can: The Author Programme for Memoir Writers is exactly what you need to get this book written and leave an imprint on your family’s future generations, or a bigger market if you desire.
Respectfully your guide, 
If you’re reading this now, it is without doubt that you’ve heard the calling. A voice deep within urging you to write this book. Rest assured that you’ve found the right partner to enable you to not only begin this book, but to finish it.

Many aspiring authors set out with good intentions, yet few have acquired the right skills that enable them to complete the first draft of their manuscript. Why? Because our first thought is to write, and as we write, we hit walls we didn’t plan for, and the next thought is ‘where do I go from here?’, and this is where most leave their work as unfinished representations of what they are truly capable of.

This self-study programme is for anyone who feels that burning desire to turn their experience into a book. The programme will help you discover and understand everything you need to learn about your experience. It will help you segment the journey into moments of discovery which will create deep and meaningful connections with your intended readers. The moment you commit to this programme, you commit to becoming the author of your story. By the end of this programme you will have identified the structure, your voice, your narrative style, your audience and perhaps more importantly, yourself. 

If you choose this programme, you will embark on a magical journey of self-discovery, learn writing practices and techniques, styles of narrative, how to begin your story, and how to tell it. You may even have the entire manuscript written before you finish the programme. Everyone’s journey on this programme is different – but the end goals are all the same. A commitment to turning your experience into a book.

What Will I Get?

This self-study programme includes printed and bound course material. You will receive one binder containing your course material, and another binder containing your course workbook. There are six modules. At the end of each unit within each module you will be guided with a writing practice that will work toward your end goal of completing your manuscript. Each unit will take you step-by-step from one practice to the next.

The course workbook when completed will be your road map for your book. Everything you need will be in one place. Everything that relates to your story will be drawn out and structured through the methodology within the course content.

It’s Your Writing Schedule

The beauty of this programme is that you have all the time in the world to complete it. You could complete it in as little as nine weeks or you can take as long as you like. You’re in control every step of the way.

As a self-study programme, you are in control of when you study. There will be no one standing over you with demanding deadlines, but you will be taught how to manage your time and become accountable for your progress. There is no looming date for completion other than the one you give yourself. The course content has been created with you in mind giving step-by-step instructions allowing you to break down actions and new activities into manageable steps that keep you motivated and on target within the time you allocate yourself.

The Author Programme includes:

Becoming an Author A step-by-step journey exploring your value as an author. Your Audience A chance for you to meet your audience as you identify who your readers are. Structure Through analysis and practice you will learn how structure works, why it’s important and how to create it. Accountability You will learn time management, scheduling, project management and why this is important.

Voice Learn how to draw on your natural writing voice and recognise the importance of allowing yourself to be seen.

Beginnings Discover where your journey began and how, where and when to introduce it to your reader to achieve maximum impact.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee All our courses come with a 14 day money back guarantee* (from the date you receive the content). *Should you wish to cancel within the 14 day period, we will refund the full amount upon receipt of the bound and printed course content delivered back to us in perfect new condition.