Self-publishing – the good stuff!

Self-publishing your book is easily within your reach, making your journey to becoming an author and getting your book’s message out there a foregone conclusion, and not just a pipe dream.
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The perks of self-publishing your book are as follows:

1. There is now nothing standing in your way of entering the publishing world with your book. This in itself is the biggest and brightest reason why you should self publish. No one is there to tell you that you can’t. No one is going to be standing in your way, and you won’t be receiving any feedback saying ‘Not permitted. Invites only.’ Because, that’s right! You’re invited. The doors are open and you have permission! If you have a message that you feel is important to share, then you have the right to share it in all it’s printed glory.
2. That’s right! I said ‘printed!’ With the partnership of Amazon, self-publishers now have the opportunity to print paperback and hardback copies (on demand with no hefty print outlay to you) as well as ebook formats. Admittedly, each version of your book (paper back, hardback and ebook) will all need to be resized and laid out to particular dimensions (which can be found here). If the tech piece of this part fills you with dread – fear not – because there’s easy tutorials that can guide you through (found here) or you can hire an expert to do all the tech for you (right here). 
3. It’s good to understand the market and the marketing that goes into promoting a book. By self-publishing your book, you get to maintain full control of the style, the front cover artwork, the title of your book, and the engaging line selling the book’s message to your intended reader. In other words, you have full creative control and are fully immersed in driving the book’s message to your reader in the way you intend it to be delivered. When you started out writing this book, you had a dream. Your dream will have included your book’s message making a change to the person reading it. When you self-publish – your book’s message will not get diluted or smeared by marketing gimmicks. It will be real, just like you and just like your reader. And again, even though you self-publish, it doesn’t mean you can’t hire an expert to work with you to figure out what your book’s selling message should be. You can hire an expert here. 
4. Self-publishing is one of the most worth while exercises in getting you firmly into the seat of author. Because, even traditionally published authors have a lot of promo work to do to make sure their books sell and make their agent, and publishers the coin they anticipate. The pressure is ramped up tenfold with other parties wanting a slice of your book’s profits. The more you invest in understanding the role of author and publisher – the better equipped you’ll be to navigate the roles with every success.
5. And of course, with self-publishing you get to keep all the royalties! And, with respect to platforms like Amazon this could be 70% of the sale price. Some  platforms offer a higher royalty. This is a lot more than you would get if you went with a traditional publishing house who have all their campaign costs to claw back as well as making a profit.
The self-publishing route has a lot of perks, and if you’re ready to see your value as an author, your book’s worth through its message, and get your hands dirty learning the ropes whilst building the right team around you who fully support your brand and your message, then this could be an extremely lucrative and author affirming (not forgetting fulfilling) path for you to take.
Of course, if this is new to you, do your research. See what others are saying and never be afraid to invest in you and your book by recruiting the best teams to achieve success.
There is always a path to success. You just need to be brave enough to take the first step and find out your next move in this moment.
Respectfully your guide,