I have experienced many workshops and seminars hoping that one will connect me with my book. In ten years of wanting to write a book it was this programme that finally connected me to my book, my purpose, my book’s purpose, my audience. Within the time I spent completing this programme I wrote my full first draft. There is nothing quite like finally setting your story free and having it down in print ready for the world to see.

We all have our areas of expertise, obviously mine is far removed from professional writing, and in this huge world of people, I truly feel so fortunate to have found someone with as much knowledge, experience and expertise in this field as you have. Had I never connected with you, there is no way this book would have ever become the book it should be, or deserves to be. You made me feel that I have agency, that there is in fact a book (or two, as it turns out) here among all these experiences. Thank you.

  • – Jen

I contacted many writing coaches to help me with a project, Cheryl was the only one that I felt that instant connection with. For me that was really important. I’m always inspired and clearly directed when I meet with Cheryl which helps me tap into my authenticity and not worry about whether I’m doing it right. Because I know that if I write my truth, if I connect with my heart and its desires, then I connect with my readers effortlessly. Across each book I write, this is always my intention.

  • – Deep

My one-to-one session with Cheryl was so enlightening. Worth every penny. From just one hour of her time I discovered what my story needed more of and I was truly inspired to carry on and finish my book.

  • – Mabel

Thank you so much. After basically hitting a massive brick wall for month, I felt instant support, not to mention inspiration. I can’t believe I’m finally an author.

  • – Lesley

I truly believe that in life we take certain paths. If we open up to the universe, the universe will respond. Writing books to inspire others is my soul’s main purpose. As we navigate through our journey, we are guided to places and people who will join us on that journey, who will partner with us, who we will form a divine connection with. I heard a clear whisper and was guided to the Academy of Writers and Cheryl.  Cheryl’s online learning platform is inviting and easy to navigate. The course provides you with both academic and practical training, with hands on exercises that allow you to put your learning to work.  And best of all, the course really does make you want to write! Cheryl is encouraging, provides constructive criticism and guidance. I am finally writing my book and have an inspiring, experienced teacher and coach by my side. Knowing that I do not have to do any part of this process alone and having this kind of support really does make what seemed impossible so possible. Finally.

  • – Sandra