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Personal Growth – Tracking the Magic

Keeping a track of your personal growth can be a challenge, yet if you’re standing in the density of your personal growth it’s easy to miss the wood for the trees towering over you. The finer details of your personal growth story are available for you to see, if you’re ready.

Are you ready?

If you had a friend, a best friend, that you’d watched struggle through challenges and you’d seen them emerge through a clearing they’d made all for themselves into a better situation, and you observed a higher version of themselves emerge through this clearing, you’d tell them that you think they’re awesome, right?

And when this friend couldn’t see their personal growth for themselves, you’d recount the times you’d seen them cry, then pick themselves up and carry on in the face of adversity, and you would show them through this reflection just how far they’d come, and just what they’re capable of, right?

Because, this friend, your best friend, means a lot to you, and you want the best for them.

Can you imagine their surprise when they walk over their journey, memory by memory, and see their courage and tenacity play out?

Can you imagine how seeing that courage through their own eyes would make them feel in the present moment?

Can you imagine the pride you’d both feel in acknowledging the moments of vulnerability swiftly followed by acts of courage, and recognising the personal growth that led to their transformation?

Can you imagine the look in their eyes and the swell in their heart when they feel that personal growth and that transformation that others see?

Okay, now I want you to take a deep breath. Inhale deeply. And exhale slowly. Now repeat. I want you to feel the weight in your shoulders loosen, allow the tension to dissolve.

Now ask yourself, “If I can see how important this process would be for my best friend, can I see how important this process is for me?”

You see, it seems we’re really eager to see others achieve their true potential, to realise their personal growth story, yet if we spin the light on to ourselves, we shy away not wanting to allow ourselves to consider that, yes, we deserve it to.

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We don’t need to ask anyone to give us permission to explore our personal growth – because just being alive grants us permission to do this. In fact, it’s not a permission – it’s our right. It’s our reason for being alive.

We’re given life to explore, to learn, to grow, to inspire.

We’re given life to create community and belonging – not just with the people around us but within ourselves, as one.

If we’re eager to watch our best friend flourish from their challenging experiences and see them receive all they deserve, then we should be even more willing to allow ourselves these same gifts.

To go through life waiting for someone to give you permission to acknowledge your own personal growth story, is to go through life waiting for something that might never happen. Not because others don’t want it for you, but because they may not realise it’s a channel that can be explored without permission.

Imagine you walking yourself through the moments that you’ve felt most challenged.

Imagine you strolling, memory to memory, acknowledging how courageous you were in times when you felt like your world was falling apart.

Imagine your present self taking the hand of your past self and standing side by side finally recognising just how far you’ve come.

Imagine the feeling in your heart when you connect with the vulnerability you felt, the courage you shared, and see the person you’ve become on the other side.

Tracking the magic of our personal growth story means that we get to reflect on the survival instinct that resides within us.

Tracking the magic of our personal growth story means that we get to remember how far we’ve come.

Tracking the magic on our personal growth story means that we get to acknowledge the moments of great dis-comfort the greatest moments of our personal evolution.

You got through that experience. You may still have it in your rear view mirror, and that’s okay. In fact, if this is the case, connecting with your personal growth story is as timely now as it would be in the future.

Connecting with all your acts of courage and recognising them as acts of courage may be just what you need to wipe that scene out of your rear view mirror and replace it with a new representation of that experience.

You have the power, the right, and the tools to learn all about your personal growth story – right here within The Academy of Writers. And you can track the magic by turning your personal growth into a book – just for you. This will be the biggest gift you ever give yourself.

Of course, one thing that may stop you from doing this is thinking that you had no acts of courage. That you showed no strength. You may hone in on the fear, the weakness, and the dis-comfort. If this is you, and you don’t think that you have anything to learn that you don’t already know – then I can guarantee you that you’re wrong.

I’ll repeat – I can guarantee that you’re 100% wrong.

Within a safe space, going back to the experience, memory to memory, will undoubtedly uncover thruths that you never saw back then. This process will be an amazing journey of self-discovery where you can learn how to reflect on your journey and begin to see it in a new way – with you as the hero of your story.

Still don’t believe me?

Every one of my members have discovered areas of growth, as well as being able to connect events, behaviours, choices, achievements and failures as part of a bigger picture that led them, in their moments, to make the best right choice. Even if that choice didn’t go down so well.

Imagine becoming clearer about a choice that you’ve felt guilty about in the past, and see it now as something that had to happen.

Imagine being able to connect the dots and recognise that everything that went before was all part of some greater picture, not just for you, but for the people you love most.

Imagine being able to look back on your experience, even if you’re still living within that experience, and see it with new eyes in a new way that brings you peace and harmony so that you can live the life that you deserve.

Acknowledging that you have the right to explore your journey of self growth is the first step in making a choice to connect with your experience and see it in a new light.

Recognising that personal growth doesn’t happen without reflection, and inner work is the connection you need to take that first step into the awareness and reward of what could be achieved.

Connecting with that awareness, acknowledgement and recognition is what is going to put you firmly on the path to discovering your self growth story, for you to know, for you to share, for you to continue to grow from.

Understanding how to connect with your personal growth story is not just about now. It’s about taking this tool into the future with you so that you never stop learning, and so that you never stop growing.

You have the capacity and the ability to become an even better version of yourself.

Can you imagine what this might feel like?

You have never been more welcome to explore your personal growth than with me, right in this moment. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, then click here for more details on how to get started right now, at your pace.

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