One-to-One Writing Coach

Writing a book for many will be a pipe dream. Writing a book for some will be an endless challenge of twists and turns and dead ends. Writing a book for few will be an accomplishment. Over 80% of the global population dream of writing a book. About 1% achieve it. There are many reasons why 79% won’t reach their goal and most of them will have nothing to do with writing talent.

The great love of wanting to share what we have learned in our lives is an age old tradition. Why wouldn’t over 80% of the population want to share, to heal, to bring hope to others or want to entertain and provide escapism in the form of a book? We are human, after all, and with humanity comes community and the need for connection, and where there is community, there is love. Where there is community there is also a host of other emotions that create conflict, and it is within this conflict, through these moments of vulnerability and courage, that we can truly embrace who we are. Our strength. Our adaptability. Our wisdom. Our humour. Our whit. Our desires and our losses. It is just as important to understand human behaviour when writing your book as it is to know the writing techniques that will make it a page turner.

It is my goal to make writing a compelling book accessible to all which is why I offer one-to-one sessions so that your questions can be answered and your dream of finishing this book can be realised.

A one-to-one session costs £50 per hour. This session could be the ideal way for you to break down whatever wall you’ve come to, or simply talk through what your story needs more of, or less of. Discussing the development of your story and the way it’s unfolding is a worthwhile investment. Your confidence will soar when you know you’re on the right track.

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