The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey Starts with you!
Turn your transformation into a book to cherish – for both you and others.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You recognise you’ve overcome great challenges in life but you haven’t acknowledged what they mean for you right now.

You think that your personal growth story may have meaning for you, your family and others but you’re afraid to explore its potential purpose.

Deep down you know you have a story with purposeful meaning to share but are afraid it’s all a pipe dream and no one will really care or relate.

You’ve been working on your book idea but can’t get the outline right.

You know exactly what your story is but you don’t have a clue where to begin in putting this book together.

You want to write this book but feel you’re cheating your other commitments and responsibilities. 

You want to write a book but you hear writing a book is only for those who have a writing background.

You’ve written three chapters of your book already but can’t seem to move forward.

You want to write a book but ask yourself, ‘Who am I to write a book?’

Your really, truly feel the calling to write a book but you can’t figure out its purpose.

You feel that because you’ve never written anything more than an email that you can’t write a book.

Imagine …

Imagine committing to your personal growth story with a consciousness that creates beauty in the world.

Imagine discovering aspects of your personal growth journey that unlocks wisdom you didn’t see before now.

Imagine identifying your purpose to write this book – for you, for family or for others.

Imagine understanding exactly what this book will mean to your readers.

Imagine experiencing the moment the light bulb goes off inside your head and your heart and you truly know that you made the right choice to explore your book’s purpose.

Imagine knowing exactly who your readers are and why they will love what you have to say.

Imagine identifying exactly how long it will take to write your first draft… down to the date you finish that last page.

Imagine feeling deeply connected with your book’s purpose, structure and flow.

Imagine what it feels like to connect with your writing voice in a way you didn’t think possible.

Imagine the next time you’re asked what you’re writing – you hold your head up high and tell it with purpose and conviction.

Imagine having your book in your hands.

Imagine sharing your purposeful message with your readers knowing you are inspiring their next steps.

Imagine proudly and unashamedly calling yourself AUTHOR.

Maybe …

Maybe you’ve already tried workshops and webinars but haven’t felt connected to what they say and how they teach.

Maybe you’ve already been writing your book for years and time keeps getting in the way.

Maybe you listen to those around you who limit your capabilities. 

Maybe you hear the voice in your head that tells you you’re not worthy of this.

Maybe you’ve started writing your book and can’t get past a few chapters because you have no idea how to structure your story.

Maybe you’re afraid to be vulnerable and so you hold yourself back in what and how you write.

Maybe you’re afraid that no one will relate to you.

Maybe you’re afraid that people will see it as poorly written.

Maybe you think “I can’t write, therefore, I have no right to write a book.”

The Programme

This programme is intended for you if you’ve experienced a transformation and you feel a calling to share your personal growth wisdom through a book of purpose – to guide, to inspire, to teach, to awaken, or to answer the needs of others. Because at the core of every transformation is a purpose for change. It ‘s a pathway to the heart wanting something better, and a connection to that goal before it becomes real.  

To undergo a transformation and recognise it as a transformation is epic, for anyone. And, readers LOVE a story about transformation that can and will directly inspire and help them within their own lives.

Alternatively, you could write about your transformational experience just for you to reflect back on in years to come. Imagine reaching for this book on your bookshelf in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time. Our personal stories of transformation have immense strength, optimism and courage that we should cherish. It only seems right that we record these moments for ourselves, from a place of wisdom and courage, to show our future selves just how amazing we are – in the past, present and in the future.

It could be for you to share with family members: children, grandchildren and future generations that are yet to come. This book could find purpose that extends beyond your immediate reach, flowing centuries into the future. 

This programme was created to make sure that more transformational stories are shared with readers who will recognise their value, relate to their purpose and connect with their message in a deep and fulfilling way. 

It was created to make sure that EVERYONE who wants to explore their personal growth journey can turn their transformation into personal value, a recorded experience, or into a book that has purpose for many others. 

This programme was designed with both author and reader in mind – and this is exactly how you will learn to write your story. 

You will learn how to identify and connect purpose for writing your story – both personally in recognising the elements of your transformation, and for a wider audience in sharing the stages of your transformation with others.

You will identify your book’s purpose to your audience and how to find your readers, connect with them and create an audience. If this is just for you or your family – this is still important to recognise – because within this module you will learn what your book’s intention is and you will write for that intention.

You will learn how to create an outline, and structure your book chapter by chapter, following a 7 step transformation process. This will map out a  7 chapter book.

You will learn how to be accountable for your time, your responsibility to the story and yourself, and will discover just how long it will take you to complete your first draft.

You will learn how to connect with your writing voice. That voice within you that you keep only for you. This is an extremely important part of connecting with your personal growth story and recognising your inner guide.

You will learn the components of what you see when you pick up a book, the message it conveys, how everything links from the front cover into the first chapter and how the message stays strong throughout the rest of the book. You’ll also begin your own book following this structure for the book’s message, the transformational structure map, as well as combining all other components taught in this comprehensive study programme for writers just like you.

You will follow a plan of being able to connect, dive deep, and track the magic of your story so that you can harness the wisdom that life has blessed you with, enabling you to make strong decisions for your present and future self.

You’ll leave the programme with your story mapped out, a clear structure in hand, your wisdom in check, your voice clear, and your first chapter written, as well as your transformational story at your fingertips ready for you to inspire others or be inspired by your personal growth journey from this point forward.

You will also be invited to submit the first 2 chapters for feedback, along with your structure map, outline, audience and the book’s promise/purpose. All of which will be developed inside the programme, with the exception of the second chapter to be sent for feedback at the end of the programme.

Next Programme Start Date

November 2022


Programme lasts for 8 weeks. Video Calls will be scheduled Thursday of every week and will last for 90 minutes: 60 minute coaching with 30 minute Q&A.

What to expect inside the programme

You’ll receive:

  • 8 live coaching calls – these will also be recorded and made available to you
  • All course content covering all 6 modules in a printable pdf so you can bind it in a folder for ease of access
  • Course Workbook covering all 6 modules. Provided in 2 forms: Printable pdf and fillable on screen pdf
  • Worksheets, templates for you to use
    Guided Writing Practices every step of the way helping you to form your book as you go
  • Email support for all course related questions

Bonus Material:

The VIP Blueprint workbook

 Your Next Steps

You can email Cheryl at if you have any questions that this page hasn’t answered, or if you simply want to reach out to make sure we’re a good fit and the programme will work for you.

Upon enrolment, you will be contacted by Cheryl to give you access to the course content and schedule you in for the video calls, along with link invites and next steps. All live calls will take place on a Thursday. Times to be negotiated and possibly rotated bi-weekly depending on student locations.

Programme Curriculum

The Power in You. This module is about defining your power, your value and your intention for this book. You will align your intention with your power. This will create an explosion of value for yourself, your book, and your reader.

Audience. Every time you set out to write anything, including a book, you should align your intention, power and value to your audience. This module will set out clear guidance in how to find your audience, understand their needs and connect them with your value, power and intention.

Structure. The most challenging element of writing a book is structure. Here it is broken down into sections so that you clearly see what structure needs to take form in order to demonstrate character vulnerability, growth, courage, revolution and life cycle of the event your writing about.

Accountability. This module will take you through ‘how’ you’re going to start writing this book and how (and when) you’re going to finish it. You will be given clear goals, insights and schedule planners that will ease the process of writing this book, and allow you to plan around your usual life commitments.

Voice. You will learn how to connect with your natural writer voice and discover the best style of narrative to tell your story, your way, in your words. Through guided practices, you will feel what it takes to write from a place of wholeheartedness, passion, vulnerability, courage and wisdom – and you will learn to own it all.

Beginnings. In this final module, you will embark on your journey as author and begin to write your book following a focus of purpose, premise and promise. You will learn the importance of front covers, first pages and that all important first chapter.

Enrol in the Next Programme from November

Enrol in the Next Programme from November