Creative Writing Techniques with The Author Programme


Become the next best-selling fiction author with the teachings of The Author Programme. This programme will teach you everything you need to know about creative writing for books – across all genres. Even if you’re writing a memoir or self-help book, understanding creative writing techniques will put you in a great position in knowing how to tell your story with the creative flare of an adept author.

Writing fiction is a wonderful outlet to explore your creativity. To allow this creativity to come alive on the page and become something more than just ideas in your mind is a gift to yourself. You have the power to create the world of your dreams. You have the authority to create characters that speak to your readers in ways they yearn to hear. It is your hand that could create the next story that has readers wishing they were part of.

If you write as a hobby, are about to embark on a writing journey that is brand new to you, or you wish to learn the techniques and skills of authors to write a novel, then you should do it with a tried and test partner. We believe that you should have an understanding of many genres so that you can explore where you fit best as a writer of fiction, and identify with your chosen market in a way they expect. We also understand how difficult it can be to carve out time to write, which is why The Author Programme for Fiction Writers is self-study. You can study at your own pace whenever you choose. There will no pressure point deadlines to work to. Only the deadlines you give yourself. If you love writing fiction, this will never be a chore. 

What we also know is that knowledge gives you power. Power to change the world or just one person’s bubble. The more you know, the more confident you will feel as a writer of fiction. And when it comes to writing, confidence is key. A confident writer is a successful communicator of all things written.


What Will I Get?


Within this self-study programme you will learn what authors need to consider before they begin to write their first word of their story, as well as everything else that comes after. If you have big aspirations in becoming an author then owning and developing your craft is something you should take seriously. This is an investment in the story-teller within you.

You will learn writing techniques that have been used in many of the books you have read and loved. You will learn how to create compelling, complex characters that lead a story and who fall in perfect alignment with a plot. You will discover the types of narrative styles used in today’s literature and learn how to identify which one is best to tell your story. You will learn dialogue and how to use it effectively, as well as, discovering literary genres, what is expected from them and why this is important. You will also learn the best route of publishing for your book, should you choose to publish, you will know whether self-publishing is an ideal option or how to find an agent to sell your work to a publishing house.

There are twenty modules included with The Author Programme for Writers of Fiction. At the end of each unit with these modules you will be assigned a Guided Writing Practice which will put your newfound knowledge into practice and set the foundations of what you’ve learnt into solid understanding. The Guided Writing Practices you perform the more adept a writer you will become. It is not enough to simply read you lessons, you must practice writing as often as possible.

Modules of Study within The Author Programme for Writers of Fiction:



How to prepare, plan and plot

Choosing a narrative

Sensory writing


How to begin your story


Genre: Historical fiction

Genre: Horror fiction

Genre: Cosy mystery fiction

Genre: Romance fiction

Genre: Women’s fiction

Genre: Science fiction

Genre: Fantasy fiction

Genre: Crime thriller fiction

Genre: Adventure fiction

Writing a three-part-series

The Secret practices of successful authors

Getting published

A guide to self-publishing

We believe that you should have an understanding of many genres so that you can explore where you fit best as a writer of fiction and identify with your chosen market in a way they expect.


Is fiction writing right for me?


The Academy of Writers bring you The Author Programme with accessibility in mind for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your educational background is, and you won’t need hundreds of pounds to get started. We value every writer from every walk of life, in fact, the more you’ve walked the more interesting stories you’ll have to share. 

This writing programme is for everyone and anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life in the form of a novel. Of course, if you simply wish to take a fiction writing course just because you like the idea of it, then this programme is for you too. Who knows where it will lead? 





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