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Creative Writing or Memoir Writing?

Creative Writing or Memoir Writing?

Memoir writing and creative writing can be considered two entirely different forms of writing. However, to write a good memoir, it’s important to know and understand the techniques used in creative writing, as much as in creative writing it’s important to know who you are in order for your writing voice to be strong and authentic.

If you consider these factors, then you’ll appreciate that to be a great writer you need to learn the craft of creative writing techniques, and be willing to go on a journey of self-discovery, so that what you write is always produced with both skill and heart.

It’s this combination that creates magic between the pages of a story (fiction or non-fiction) that compels a reader to keep reading. Their experience should be as if a spell has been conjured and their curiosity is fed with the promise of something just for them; personal, and on some level, in some perhaps intangible way, intimate.

Whether you’re writing a thriller following a police detective as she tries to find her sister’s killer, or you’re writing a memoir about your own life growing up in the streets of 1950s Liverpool, heart will be at the core of both of these stories, and creative writing technique will be nestled in your narrative.

To know what you want to write is sometimes the hard part, once you have figured this out, you have a choice. Do you learn everything you can about creative writing and memoir writing, or do you jump in feet first and hope that what you already know will be enough to keep you motivated to finish your book and instil confidence in you to show what you’ve written to others?

Whether you believe you know enough or believe there is always room for more knowledge, make sure you take a look at this checklist before making the leap and diving in to your first book, because starting strong armed with skilful creative writing techniques and a strong connection to the heart of your story is definitely the best way to begin.

Creative Writing checklist for fiction writers and memoir writers: How to know if you need to know more…

  1. Read everything in the same genre as you’re writing. Here you will discover how the writing voice is connected with you, the reader.
  2. Pay attention and observe how these books convey ideas and how the story unravels.
  3. Consider whether you’re able to identify either of these two steps clearly. If you need more help in understanding the aspect of voice and the components of how a story is told through techniques to keep the audience satisfied, then do more research and learn as much as you can in writing the story within you.

Creative writing or memoir writing have a connection, which is why many authors across the world give you the advice of ‘read everything’ because to read, and to then observe a style of writing and a writing technique, is to begin to form an understanding of what works, compelling a reader’s curiosity to grow, and what causes them to never finish the book.

If you’re about to embark upon the journey of writing a book then do so with the knowledge that will make it great by investing in you the writer, the author of your story, and the story itself.

Your sincere guide,