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Harness Your Wisdom and Write With Confidence.

Butterfly Writer will help memoir writers, self-improvement book writers, novel writers and even journal writers identify and connect with their story, their purpose and their wisdom.

Butterfly Writer teaches aspiring authors and writers to write with relatability, connection and purpose. You will come to understand how to connect with your writing voice and your personal language, and in doing so, connect with your readers and yourself on a deeply intrinsic level.

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Writing Programmes

Transformation Book Writing Programme – Be the Hero of Your Story

The Author Programme delivers a comprehensive learning programme designed to teach beginners and practised writers how to write a memoir, a novel or a self-help book. You will learn how to identify your story, how to connect with its value, and how to write your book with a defined premise, purpose and ensure it fulfils its promise, to both you the author, and your reader.

personal growth story
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Creative Writing Techniques Master Programme

The Author Programme Creative Writing delivers a comprehensive learning programme designed to teach beginners writing techniques, writing practices, genre expectations for writing a novel, and what to expect in the publishing world. Every writer needs to know the foundation of creative writing techniques – and this is the best place to start.

creative writing for beginners
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Every single person will experience the hero’s journey at some point in their life. But not every person recognises this. Every problem you’ve encountered, every challenge you’ve overcome, every solution you’ve discovered has led to a deeper understanding of self, and a shift in your personal evolution, perspective and strength. When you recognise yourself as the hero of your story, you can identify the value of your book.

Award Winner

In 2021 The Academy of Writers was awarded Best International Coaching Organisation, and Most Empowering Author Support Organisation 2020 and Literary Arts Development Organisation of the Year 2020 by SME News.

Hi, I’m Cheryl

I’m the founder of The Academy of Writers and The Author Programme. I’m a published author and writing mentor / coach. When I started my journey to becoming an author I felt overwhelmed by everything I didn’t know, and how I could possibly write my story in the midst of all the great authors presented on pedestals.

It took me years of ups and downs figuring out the secrets of what makes writers exceptionally relatable to readers. Like most people, I have become the hero of my story. And I wanted to share this wisdom with every aspiring or practised writer so that you can become the hero of yours – because the secret is very simple. You have to look in the right place.

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